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About Drahoslav Solta

Czech painter by origin Drahoslav Solta was born in Prerov, Moravia, Czechoslovakia in 1960. His childhood he spent in Marianske Lazne. Here as an attendant of the Basic School he won several competitions on visual art. His talent draw attention of professor Karel Knizak (father of prof. Milan Knizak) at the School of Art. In 1978 – 1983 he gained skills in the art of sculpture by the sculptor and painter Vitezslav Eibel and futher on at the Academy of Arts in Plzen, which he, nevertheless, did not completed. After that he threw himself directly into painting, sculpturing, drawing and the graphic art.

The painter Drahoslav Solta emigrated in May 1989 from Czechoslovakia. After his Europe travelling he decided to settle in the south of Spain, where he was given a political asylum. It was exactly in Spain where he succeded in painting and became an artist in general. This decision and the place of working have seemed to have a significant influence on the painter´s creation. Estepona is the place where the painter has been living for more than 20 years.

The artist Drahoslav Solta has worked for some renowned gallerists around the world. His paintings were seen in exhibitions in Prague, Malaga, Milan, Marbelle, San Francisco, New York and some other cities. The greatest success and fame won him the London Exhibition at The Royal Society for British Sculptors in 1999.

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